Our vision
Our goal is to instill the values of urban art in our audience and contribute to the movement by spreading inspiration.

Who are we?
We are a team of urban art enthusiasts with different backgrounds but a shared passion. Lovers, connoisseurs, or members of the movement, we want to share with you all what makes us tick: inspiring works and joyful emotions that encompass us all.

What do we do?
DRIP’IN creates exclusive artworks in close collaboration with artists from all over the world, who all have inspiring stories to tell and share.
We bring their artworks and stories into your personal space.

[From left to right] Graffiti artist Demais working on his ceramic train “Love & Hate”, Céz’Art’s steel lithograph “Lion King” in a living room, artist Tim Zdey with a young Iraqi man in front of his mural for Mosul University in Iraq – Photo by Thibault Lefebure

Our Values


Passionate: Our positive energy and passion for urban art fuel us. We wish to share it by providing delightful experiences to our clients.

United: Taking into account the interests of all. We see ourselves as part of a team rather than as individuals. We seek harmony and community.

Real: We know where we come from and why we are doing what we are doing. We always keep in mind to be true to who we are. Our roots and knowledge remind us every day of the importance of hard work, pragmatism and respect.

Ethical: we behave responsibly towards our clients, artists and partners. A socially and environmentally responsible company.

Craftsmen: Always learning to do better. Sweating the small stuff. Acting intentionally and competently.

Tim Zdey artwork at métro La Chapelle – Paris

Socially responsible

We create events, exhibitions and specific actions of short sales, we strive to help those in need. We have a special focus on NGOs and associations that work with people suffering on the streets.
Thus, we give money to our partner organisations to contribute to their tremendous work.

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