Graff – Suby One


A long time graffiti artist, Suby One has been mastering sprays and techniques. “Graff” is an exalted representation of his style, blending the roots of graffiti with abstract and contemporary details that reveal his talent and creativity for the other art form he is passionate about: Abstract Art. Graff balances these two artistic elements where the letters are perfectly formed, the colours are vibrant and enhanced by the precise cutting of the metal.

Limited edition of 99 pieces

Stainless steel thickness 1.5 mm laser cut
High Definition – protective coating

L: 1000mm x W: 425mm  (Depth: 32mm)
Numbered edition with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Wall mounting

En savoir plus sur l’œuvre

The artist Suby One is a long-time graffiti artist and draws from this experience a perfect command of the codes of graffiti. The lettering is elaborate and here forms the artist's nickname (S.U.B.Y.) in a variation of red tones underlined with black to accentuate the contrast with the background. Surrounding these letters with a green outline is a halo, symbol of the artists' homage to beloved or deceased artists, as well as pixels in yellow and orange tones expressing the contemporary digital side of the work. Finally, the dark green drips represent the drips of spray paint on the wall, dear to the artists.
Mixing abstract elements with graffiti, the artist Suby One enhances his creation with pink, blue and purple touches, accentuating the contrasts and contributing to the overall harmony of the work "Graff".
This lithograph by Suby One is a unique decorative piece in our collection.

We produce this particular piece in high quality stainless steel, which allows us to cut the lines as the artist has created them. We have taken special care to cut out the drips and pixels that are scattered throughout the piece.
The 30mm spacers fixed at the back of the piece allow an easy, simple assembly and highlight the work for an even more impactful result.

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