“Imagination” – Triptych – Frenemy

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The artist Frenemy paints the magical world he created over twenty years ago. Evolving in a benevolent and positive universe, Frenemy invites children as well as adults to read through his works, this magical fresco on a wall in Oklahoma City – USA, illustrating superbly the magic of the transformation of words into images. No less than a triptych was needed to reproduce this emblematic work of the artist.

Limited edition of 99 pieces

Stainless Steel thickness 1.5mm laser cut
High Definition print – protective coating

L: 1500mm x W: 699mm  (Depth: 32mm)
3 lithographs of L: 500mm x W: 699mm i.e. 1500mm for the triptych
Numbered edition with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Wall mounting

En savoir plus sur l’œuvre

The work "Imagination" is a particular piece: covering more than twelve meters long, this mural is painted on the wall of a grocery shop in Oklahoma City. Beyond its strong visual impact, its harmonious colours, this work is the integral restitution of what Frenemy represents, his universe and his sensitivity.
The work consists of a seated child, holding in his hand his companion pencil, immersed in the reading of a living book. Accompanying the child in his adventures, the artist offers a fragmented, exalted and graphic vision of the thoughts that cross his mind.
We see the landscapes we travel through - forests, mountains and other lush jungles, the creatures we meet - the blue unicorn, the smiling bees, the mocking pumpkin, to name but a few, not forgetting the recurring characters such as Kimbop, who walks and waves holding his grey bundle, and the living yellow pencil.
The colours create a soft overall harmony while at the same time making each element stand out. Rich in detail, the work is an invitation to dive into the world of the artist Frenemy and enjoy, like us, discovering here a butterfly, there a flower or crystals.
Frenemy embodies, through this magical work, the whole creative universe of the children he has chosen not to leave, for our greatest happiness as adults.

A masterful work is a masterful support: we have designed this unique triptych composed of three laser-cut steel panels. Each panel has 30mm spacers fixed on its back, ensuring a perfect individual balance for a good alignment of the panels between them and allowing multiple mounting combinations.

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