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The artist Céz’Art has used all his energy and talent to paint this majestic and colourful lion. King of the roaring animals, this laser cut steel lithograph is a reduced scale reproduction of the original mural covering more than twenty meters long on a wall, and reflects the power of the animal and its collective aura. Céz’Art perfectly masters the colours and lines, and combines them in a fiery and soft ensemble. “Lion King” is a resolutely unique piece of the artist’s work.

Limited edition of 99 pieces

Stainless Steel thickness 1.5mm laser cut
High Definition – protective coating

L: 1500mm × W: 625mm (Depth: 32mm)
3 lithographs of L: 500mm × W: 625mm i.e. 1500mm for the triptych
Numbered edition with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Wall mounting

En savoir plus sur l’œuvre

The artist Céz'Art, committed to the defence of endangered animal species, signs here one of his most emblematic works. This roaring, energetic, colourful lion, king of the animal world, is an ode to nature and its animals which are being extinguished by man. The original work is imposing, so no less than three laser-cut steel panels were needed to restore this raw power.
This lithograph depicts the lion king, king of the animals, dressed in his finest finery, draped in rainbow swirls and releasing jets of water and flames in his infinite roar. The colours are vivid, the lines pure, the curves fluid, participating in the power of this majestic lion.

For a perfect reproduction of the artist's lines, this lithograph is produced on three laser-cut steel panels. The precision of the cut faithfully reproduces the outline of the mouth and accentuates the strength of the jaw, the feathers and the flames. The lithography has spacers on the back of each panel, ensuring a 30mm overhang from the wall and the balance of each panel adds to the raw strength. The numerous cut-outs in the room cast shadows that vary throughout the day, accentuating the living aspect of this magnificent lion.

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