Manip – Suby One


Suby One is a graffiti artist, whose creativity and passion for art lead him to explore and mix different art forms. The steel lithograph “Manip” illustrates the artist’s desire to blend abstract art with graffiti-inspired lines and strokes. Enhanced by laser-cut contours, “Manip” is colourful and poetic, while its apparent simplicity reinforces its presence on the wall.

Limited edition of 99 pieces

Stainless steel thickness 1.2 mm laser cut
High Definition – protective coating

L: 653mm x W: 500mm  (Depth: 32mm)
Numbered edition with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Wall mounting

En savoir plus sur l’œuvre

"Manip" is an abstract work as the artist likes them. Representing a face, the seemingly simple features of the main details such as the orange mouth and red nose actually reflect Suby One's great command of graffiti lines and features. Wearing a turquoise blue cap with an orange pom-pom, the portrait is equipped with determinedly futuristic accessories representing glasses and music headphones, a tribute to the sounds that often accompany the artist in his creations.

The acidulous colours chosen for this work refer to Suby One's taste for colour and the emotions it brings. Enhanced by judiciously placed shadows, the artist plays with the relief of the colours and the effect of these shadows for a 3D effect.
This effect is enhanced by the spacers positioned on the back of the piece, providing a 30mm overhang from the wall, which adds to the shadows of "Manip".

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