Pallas & Judith – White Edition – Demais


Graffiti artist Demais has been devoted to graffiti for long. Though a confirmed artist, Demais remains humble and constantly search for the perfect letter, the new way of painting it and shape it. “Pallas and judith – white edition” is undoubtely a concentrate of the artist’s strokes and mindset. Details are numerous, many of them being inherited from the history of graffiti and the artist’s own approach to this culture. Favoring the positive contrasts, the artist opposes in this laser cut steel lithograph with graffiti style and drawing two of the most committed queens: Pallas & Judith. Love versus Hate, as a permanent duality in a perfect balance.

Limited edition of 99 pieces

Stainless steel thickness 1.2 mm laser cut
High Definition print – protective coating

L: 550mm x W: 545mm  (Depth: 32mm)
Numbered edition with certificate of authenticity
signed by the artist.
Wall mounting.

En savoir plus sur l’œuvre

The artist Demais is an enthusiastic graffiti artist. In this lithograph, he delivers a precise work of the letters L.O.V.E accompanying the queen of hearts, Judith, opposed to the queen Pallas, herself surrounded by the letters H.A.T.E. The white letters, enhanced by black outlines that give them volume, are linked by a red line that contrasts harmoniously with the whole. There are many references to the world of graffiti, such as the subways and trains that Demais has had the opportunity to paint in the past, references to the 5D crew with which the artist works, and spray cans, the artists' raw material.

Designed like a playing card, the square format chosen by the artist gives the whole a beautiful harmony while reinforcing the details. The laser cut offers a very precise contour, highlighting the lines and curves of the piece. Finally, this lithograph is fixed on spacers that detach it from the wall and carry the shadow of its outline throughout the day. In addition to its elegant distinction in comparison to a piece fixed to the wall, this overhang reinforces the attractiveness of this exceptional lithograph.

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