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The artist Céz’Art is committed to the defence of endangered animal species. He deploys all his talent and energy to create bestiaries of imaginary animals such as Rainbow Zebra, a unicorn zebra adorned with a splendid feathered cap. The colours exude a gentle strength and help to magnify the majestic zebra.

Limited edition of 188 pieces

Stainless Steel thickness 1.2 mm laser cut
High Definition print – protective coating

L: 700mm × W 478mm  (Depth: 32mm)
Numbered edition with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Wall mounting

En savoir plus sur l’œuvre

The work "Rainbow Zebra" is an ode to wild nature, to free animals such as zebras. In his fight to raise awareness of the disappearance of species at risk, the artist Céz'Art puts all his talent into creating king animals, restoring their place in nature and in the understanding of what they represent for man. The "Rainbow Zebra" lithograph is a flamboyant symbol of the artist, high in colour and rich in detail. Céz'Art likes well-made works, he carefully details each feather, drawing a particular contour, a specific motif, proposing a harmony of colours which contribute to this majestic overall composition.

This work is produced on a steel plate that has been laser cut to faithfully reproduce the contours of this unique lithograph. With a 30mm spacer on its back, the piece stands out from the wall and lets the shadows cast on the wall throughout the day appear, accentuating the visual impact of the work.

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