See You On The Other Side – Frenemy


The artist Frenemy paints colourful, surprising works that reflect the fantasy world he has been exploring for two decades. The steel lithograph “See You On The Other Side” represents one of his many cute and endearing creatures, riding his pet animal around the world with his balloon and his lollipop. This character refers to the artist and his journey through the real and virtual world he has created for himself.

Limited edition of 98 pieces

Stainless Steel thickness 1.2mm laser cut
High Definition print – protective coating

L: 554mm x W: 550mm  (Depth: 32mm)
Numbered edition with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Wall mounting

En savoir plus sur l’œuvre

The creature "See You On The Other Side" is singular: wearing orange trousers underlining the thinness of his little legs, wearing a blue piping held by a perfectly tied pink ribbon and enclosing his yellow face with fleshy lips and a toothy mouth, the character is colourful, literally!
Wearing an astonishingly tiny bowler hat that does not go beyond the top of his little pointed horns, "See You On The Other Side" sits astride his usual mount, a charming cyclops animal dressed in black, turquoise and sky blue scalloped waistcoats. An unlikely pairing, they both smile at the thought of the adventures that await them.
We also find some of the permanent accessories that accompany the characters of Frenemy in their magical world such as the red balloon with its delicate reflection and the green rolled lollipop.

This laser-cut steel lithograph reproduces the precise contours of the characters and their accessories and has 30mm spacers on the back of the piece to ensure a wall overhang that reveals all the quality of the cut. The work is thus reinforced in its visual impact.

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