DRIP’IN collaborates with street artists to create objects with unique design for a new decoration experience


Street art, which is omnipresent on the walls of the world’s cities, is now being invited into interior decoration, after joining the auctions and galleries dedicated to the greatest contemporary art movement of the beginning of this century.

Passionate about this contemporary, colourful and graphic art, DRIP’IN participates in the movement by creating with local and international street artists objects inspired by their work.
Thus, if street art embellishes and decorates the walls of our cities, the same goes for our interiors. The colours, the multiple talents, the creativity of the artists are the essential components of a contemporary, innovative and original street art decoration.

We love murals
We love street murals so much that we have always wanted to bring them home.

But you will likely agree that it is not easy to cut out the walls and bring them back to our living room. Therefore, we have created with the artists these editions directly adapted from their murals, for our satisfaction and, we hope, yours.

Our steel lithographies
We particularly appreciate stainless steel, which is a noble and durable material that graffiti artists and street artists have the opportunity to paint during their urban outdoor adventures.

We proceed to a precise laser cut, piece by piece, to perfectly follow the outlines of the artist’s work. We then print in High Definition for excellent colour rendering and maximum durability.

Each of these pieces is delivered mounted on 30mm spacers at their back: this creates a slight offset from the wall and offers an increased vision of the artist’s work compared to that of a classic painting. The perspective of the play of ambient light and shadows thus naturally enriches your visual experience.

Our editions are scrupulously controlled to guarantee the best quality of workmanship, before being carefully packed.
Some editions may be sharp and pointed, depending on the original works. Be careful when handling them – do not leave them within the reach of children.

[From Left to Right] Mural “Imagination” by artist Frenemy in Oklahoma City – USA, Steet litography  “Imagination” created from the mural by DRIP’IN

Our street art trains
The origin of street art was the train, the origin of DRIP’IN is the train.

In tribute to this icon of urban art, DRIP’IN has chosen the train as its emblematic object.

In a nod to street artists, DRIP’IN uses the same materials for its objects as those they paint on in the streets and underground.

Therefore, our trains are made of ceramic like the tiles of urban subways.
It took us almost 2 years to develop this object, which requires more than 20 complex operations from clay moulding to the gloss of the varnish protecting the decoration.

Each Ceramic Wagon is made piece by piece by hand by our partner craftsmen: the unusual dimensions of this innovative design, the complexity of the horizontal overhang – a ceramic challenge – and the repeated firing are all technical difficulties that we overcome with pugnacity to produce these unique models.  Decoration is applied by hand to perfectly reproduce the original artwork from the artist.

DRIP'IN Artist Bao paints train at Aberdeen

A committed street art decoration
Acquiring a DRIP’IN edition is a committed gesture.

Street art lights up the streets with its colourful murals, while rising impoverishment in most of the world’s cities is turning these same streets darker. Artists, who often work at night, are facing this increasing pauperisation and distress.

DRIP’IN has signed a donation contract with Emmaus Solidarité and donates part of the sales profits to this essential organisation.
Other NGOs, all of them street-related, also benefit from our commitment. For example, we raised the sum of 4,000 USD during an artistic and charity evening in favour of a local association, Poussières de Vie, whose mission is to successfully integrate disadvantaged people into society by financing and managing a wide range of projects in Ho Chi Minh City and Kon Tum province, Vietnam.

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